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Since the recession started in 2008 we have lost 3.4 million jobs only in Europe in manufacturing sector. It's time to face reality and accept the challenges set by robotics, platform/on-demand economy, p2p and distributed production.


Slow/d and Ouishare are launching this call for supporters and technicians from every discipline and industry, to help us in developing the toolkit, intended as a set of actions and guidelines to be applied on territories and by individuals.

Feel free to ask everything writing to   hello (at) manufacturingrecovery.tk

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July 8th 2015 - Bruxelles // CAPS 2015


May 20th 2015- Paris // Kickoff  workshop "Toward the Manufacturing Recovery Toolkit"

held by Andrea Cattabriga  at Ouishare Fest 2015.

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We are now develop this website and set up the community.

The goal is to work on and to test the toolkit across Europe during winter 2015 and launch the first release on early 2016.

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